Recharging badges

At your first connection only:

  1. Enter the code bar number (7 digits) of your Webster ID in the "Code" field
  2. Re-enter the same 7 digits in the "PIN code" field
  3. Enter your e-mail address in the field "e-mail"
  4. Change your password
  5. Click on "confirm modifications" to validate
  6. Click on "log out" once completed

Recharging badges

To log in, just introduce your badge number (7 digits) and your password.
In case you did not change it yet, you can still modify it in the "Account Management" page.
Once the payment transaction will be over, the amount you charge will be on your card.

Meal Plan Price & Conditions

MEAL PLAN: CHF 3280.– per Academic year

Breakfast: 7 am to 11 am
Coffee or orange juice, croissant, omelette or similar
Lunch: or Dinner 11 am to 7.30 pm
Choice of 3 main course, vegetarian special or salad bar …

Valid for:
1st year period , fall 1 and 2 + spring 1 and 2 ( 160 days )
From Monday to Friday ( excluding breaks and bank holidays )

The meal plan offer the flexibility to roll over from a day to another
( For ex : unused lunch can be used the next day for a dinner or take away for the week-end )

Open balance, valid during all the academic year

Type Price per term Reward points*
Meal plan CHF 3280.– A 11,5 % discount is already deducted
Prepaid plan CHF 1950.– 200

All prices include taxes and service

Terms and conditions

Eldora SA
A-One Business Center
ZA la Pièce 4
1180 Rolle
Phone: +41 (0) 21 804 55 55
For questions regarding the loading of badges,
please contact M. Santiago Johann, responsable du restaurant,
by phone at 022 808 23 00 or by email: